Aquafine is proud to introduce the Optima™ plus Series.

As efficient and cost effective solution for TOC reduction and Chlorine reduction application, Optima™ Series products have been wildly used by Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and Microelectronics industries. Following a review with customers, the proven infrastructure of the Optima™ series has been refined and the result is our sophisticated Optima™ plus series.


Benefit of the Optima™ plus Series Product


• Feature & Benefit Highlight

  • Improved lamp technology
    • Longer lamp life
    • Improved high performance lamps with lower degradation rate
    • Higher Dosage and/or Higher Flow rate treatment capabilities

– Equipped with new Universal Controller

  • New software and hardware design
  • Improved readability, easy to operate, all parameters – one place
  • Improved stability, easy to maintain
  • Support new functions and color display
  • Simplified product options
  • Alarm History

– Extended standard warranty – 2 years

  • CE, UL & cUL Certified


Optima plus series improved lamps to achieve higher performance

  • Lower degradation rate towards the end of lamp life
  • 12% Lamp life increase
  • 30% performance enhancement
  • Higher dose delivery with same lamp counts or more flow
  • Backward compatible lamps

Aquafine’s Optima Plus Series Data Sheet

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